Nepal has a new PM

Ram Bahadur Dahal of Jhapa flexes muscles in 65kg category final round of Body Building in the 7th National Games at International Sports Complex in Lalitpur on Saturday. (Credit Image: Udipt Singh Chhetry)

and he flexes muscles in 65kg category (Credit Image: Udipt Singh Chhetry)

Take that, India!

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Remittance inflow at record high as well as coffins. What’s not to like?

You might be inclined to think your prejudice about stats is just presenting itself here.

Chandan Sapkota

Chandan Sapkota

Yet according to Chandan Sapkota’s latest post this steady increase is kosher (you would love to see that for your investment fund):

Third highest remittance inflows (% of GDP) to Nepal in 2012

According to the latest Migration and Development Brief No.22, official remittance inflows to Nepal reached 24.7% of GDP in 2012, which makes Nepal the third largest remittance recipient in the world. Migrants remitted an estimated US$5.2 billion to Nepal in 2013 (equivalent to about 25% of GDP). The amount of remittance outflows was just US$50.3 million in 2012.

full post here

Exporting your future across the kalo pani serves the country’s balance sheet well and it seems, those returning in the box will keep Pashupatinath pretty busy over the coming years.



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Jolly good job done by these two blokes

C. Sapkota has a good post about

In-depth analysis of Nepal’s export competitiveness

and it is mind-boggling how an anachronistic movement could bring a country on a steep slope ever since. Here the exports curve of Nepal when the Maoists movement came into full swing.

Source: Nepal Rastra Bank via C. Sapkota

Source: Nepal Rastra Bank via C. Sapkota

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Nepal shucks hydropower. Fully embraces Bitches Power


Meet Sunita (full name withheld adhering to our strict journalistic ethos, Amen!), the embodiment of Women Power 1.0 Nepal.

While neighboring Bhutan is still steeped in last-century technology like generating power from water, Nepal did not hesitate to step into cold water and show the world that hydropower is just deja vu. Instead, it knew it could fully rely as a Hindu country on harnessing its women.

Introducing WP1.0N to an incredulous world, stunning the aid blokes of SNV, DFID, GTZ and what not, Nepal is now the hot topic on energy congresses around the world and beyond preaching the evangelism of 100% Women Grid Empowerment.

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A Correction

On February 11 we published an article headed ‘Sushil Koirala elected as twenty seventh Prime Minister of Nepal’ which showed a wrong photo. We now accept that Mr. Sushil Koirala bears no resemblance to the person shown in that article and not even after a night out with no sleep.

We apologise for any distress and embarrassment our article has caused to Mr. Sushil Koirala and we have agreed to pay him damages in the form of a free dhaal bhaat and a lap dance.

We would like to reiterate that we adhere to the strictest journalistic code of ethics and the writer of said article has been sacked.

This is a photo of the one and only and real Mr. Sushil Koirala courtesy

In addition we have received notice from the Indian gentleman whose photo was featured in this unfortunate article that he wishes to have his name printed.

We gladly grant his wish. It was Mr. Manmohan Singh who gave the exuberant thumbs up.

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Nepali Congress releases health bulletin of President Sushil Koirala

s_koiralaBarely a day has gone by that Sushil Koirala has been elected PM of Nepal and some political figures are starting heckling comments about the PMs health.

Nepali Congress has acted fast and released a photo showing the new PM undergoing in-depth health checks. The result: PM Koirala is fit as a fiddle.

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Sushil Koirala elected as twenty seventh Prime Minister of Nepal

Sushil-KoiralaKathmandu, Feb. 10: Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has been elected the twenty seventh Prime Minister of Federal Republic Nepal. The Legislature-Parliament today elected 74-year-old leader Koirala as the new PM through voting.  Koirala, still a bachelor despite several party members urging him to sign up on, is respected as a ‘saint leader’ in the Nepali politics.

He is a learned Brahman and holds a dotorate in autodidactism. Leader Koirala who is dedicated to principles of nationality, democracy, populism, social autocracy, fringe benefit capitalism, religious anachronism, gender-neutral Proselytism and socialism strongly believes that consensus, cooperation and reconciliation is the best way to seeking a solution to every problems and is applying this in practice and beyond.

He pledged to give a nation a new constitution within a year if celestial alignments permitting and take the nation on right track.

Mr. Koirala has a vast trove of international experiences and was assigned on party works in the European countries after the death of popular leader BP Koirala. He returned home from Europe and dedicated himself in the movement against the autocratic Tantrayana system.

His contribution to the People’s Movement I in 1990 was unparalleled as he refused to accept any ministerial posts when approached for the same that time, rather preferred to work for the party, holding the party work above the ministerial post.

Leader Koirala knows the planet north to south, east to west, up and beyond and has visited Great Britain, the United States of America, France, Antarctica, the Peleponnes, China, the Bronx, India and European countries.

Mr. Koirala is polyglot and speaks one language fluently.

an Indian citizen giving big thumbs up

an Indian citizen giving big thumbs up

International response has been overwhelmingly positive.

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