Nepal loves sucking foreign dick for money

We are surprised t see this article on the web site of a dud country:

Missions flay detention of 3 Tibetans

Kathmandu, June 27: 

US distressed by harsh treatment of protesters by police.

Police today arrested over 50 Tibetan protesters in Kathmandu even as seven nations of the European Union and the United States condemned the police crackdown on the protesters.
The Tibetans were protesting China’s crackdown in Tibet. According to police officials, monks and nuns were among the arrested.
Issuing a joint statement, the diplomatic missions of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, the US and France, which holds the presidency of the European Union, expressed concern about the recent detention without charge of three members of the Tibetan community in Nepal.
“We would like to express our concern about Nepal government’s recent detention without charge of three members of the Tibetan community in Nepal — Kalsang Chung, Ngawang Sangmo and Tashi Dolma,” the statement said.
Noting that “none of the three had participated in violent actions and that Kalsang Chung is not known to have participated in any protests at all,” the statement called for the immediate release of the three Tibetans.
“We are also very concerned about the ongoing harsh treatment of peaceful protesters during
arrest by the Nepali police. We understand and respect Nepal’s national security concerns and, certainly, the importance of protecting diplomatic premises. We urge you, however, to ensure the humane treatment of peaceful protesters,” it said.
US State Department spokesman Tom Casey said in a statement in Washington yesterday that Chung, Sangmo and Dolma had been detained without charge and called for their unconditional release. Casey said the US was distressed by the continuing harsh treatment of peaceful protesters by the Nepali police.


Nepal, you rotten Hindu country have never been a single day democratic!

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