Nepal shows how to grow: export your people!

We have held back for quite some time because we did not in the slightest want to interfere with the holiest this great country has to offer. ELECTIONS.

If we counted correctly, it were the fifteenths elections in half as many years. But that is not the point. We would like to draw your esteemed attention to grrreat developments since the Nepali pipuls thought that democracy might be a pretty good idea instead of having a bloke sitting in a pompous shack for decades. So here goes.

Consumption tax


H/T Chandan Sapkota

This graph shows that it takes some getting used to democracy from 2000 till mid 2004. But then, oh boy, we have lift off. Something odd seemed to happen in mid 2006, yet this would not be Nepal if it would not power on northwards.

Slight dip as all over the world from third quarter 2008 for obvious reasons. But this is only a consolidation dip. Never heard of this? Well, now you have.

The graph shows of course much much more. Not only does democracy work as an opportunity to move your legs  usually every four years and as an incubator for economic growth. No, this graph shows how Nepal has achieved it:

By sending out into the world its youngest and brightest to work in balmy and qatari conditions with deferred payments, early retirement in a box and other prospects.

Keep going, Nepal!

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