Nepal to build first subway


Nepali Times

Nepal is in the final hot planning stages to build the first subway train system in Chitwan, or rather underneath the jungle of Chitwan.

Sources who wish to remain anonymous confirmed that star architect Norman Foster will design the project. “I am fostering this idea since some years and feel, that now is the right time as Nepal is on a development rampage, so to say,” Mr. Foster was quoted.

It is said to be the very first rhino-trample-proof subway system in the world and will have a midway exit at the super-lush resort of Tiger Tops. Tiger Mountain CEO Robin Marston pulled all diplomatic stops to make sure that his companies’ cocktail-slurping clientele get the service and convenience they deserve. “Tiger Mountain is a mission-driven company whose corporate values and mantra strive to combine nature, progress and sustainable tourism in one corporate dharma,” said Mr. Marston.

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