Remittance inflow at record high as well as coffins. What’s not to like?

You might be inclined to think your prejudice about stats is just presenting itself here.

Chandan Sapkota

Chandan Sapkota

Yet according to Chandan Sapkota’s latest post this steady increase is kosher (you would love to see that for your investment fund):

Third highest remittance inflows (% of GDP) to Nepal in 2012

According to the latest Migration and Development Brief No.22, official remittance inflows to Nepal reached 24.7% of GDP in 2012, which makes Nepal the third largest remittance recipient in the world. Migrants remitted an estimated US$5.2 billion to Nepal in 2013 (equivalent to about 25% of GDP). The amount of remittance outflows was just US$50.3 million in 2012.

full post here

Exporting your future across the kalo pani serves the country’s balance sheet well and it seems, those returning in the box will keep Pashupatinath pretty busy over the coming years.



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